Disseminating technology and building quality. Create a new world.

Q&T (Quality and Technology) is a holding company that operates worldwide for the realization of international projects. Q&T activities ranging from the supply and installation of capital goods are aimed at the realization of projects aimed at social and economic development of beneficiary countries. In many international projects, realized by Q&T in the course of thirty years, the world-class skills in different areas of technology have played a major role. A mix of experience and knowledge that has allowed us to identify the most advanced tools and suitable from a technical and functional.

Clients who choose Q&T for the realization of international projects are organizations and institutions of world caliber: governments and ministries, military institutions and research centers, companies and multinational corporations, universities, technical and vocational schools, industries and hospitals, as well as supranational institutions. Q&T participates, constantly, through the specific expertise of its internal divisions (Education, Human Resources, Industry, Sports, Medical) in tenders and contracts for the management “turnkey” of international projects funded by the World Bank, the European Commission, UN and NGOs.