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Q&T in Afghanistan

Why is our mission is to improve the quality of the life?
Because we strive to offer the best products and services in order to have a positive impact in our society, especially in emerging countries.

QT has participated to the project: “Procurement of supplies for EU- MAIL (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock) transition, Perennial Horticulture Development (PHDP) and Animal Health Development (AHDP) ” located in Afghanistan.

Financed by the European Commission, the overall aim is the creation of Centres that will enable the Afghan horticultural industry to respond profitably to market demand through activities such as:

  • cultivating a national collection of fruit and nut varieties,
  • introducing varieties to domestic demonstration orchards,
  • developing pollination trails and breeding programmes,
  • undertaking evaluation, characterization and data collection.

During the project there have been many challenges, among all: the transportation of temperature controlled reagent up till -20°C in Kabul and the transportation of dangerous reagents and dangerous reagents at a controlled temperature. This need requested up to 10 different shipping to ensure the security.

Here you can have an in-depth overview about the project: Click

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