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Work with us

Q&T’s philosophy on human resource management focuses on the development of personal skills. The Group indeed, considers each element of its team an indispensable key strength.

Here at Q&T, there are endless challenges and rewards, opportunities across the globe and a team of colleagues fuelled by collaboration. An environment that fosters innovation, values, and a diverse workplace where motivated people do their best to driving success for our customers.

In this view, all CVs are screened by our HR staff, and if judged in line with the selection criteria and ethical requirements, included in the company database for further selections.

Spontaneous Application
We always evaluate the Curriculum Vitae of young people, recent graduates and expert profiles with an international mentality and desire of nurturing their career in a competitive market.

In according with the QT Privacy Policy, all recruitment activities will be managed by the appointed society IMS S.r.l. Due to this, we invite all candidates to accept the IMS S.r.l. Privacy Policy visible by clicking on the application button below.

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