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Realized Projects

A wide Portfolio of International Projects

For over 30 years Q&T has played a central role in the conception and realization of International Projects, delivering expertise and valuable equipment across the world, with a careful eye on quality and ethics. Stimulating the creation of new innovative technologies Q&T wish to foster a Socio-Economic Development and contribute to countries sustainable growth.

Company’s Turnkey Projects are funded by international organisations like: the World Bank, the European Commission, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations, furthermore, we can boast a worldwide portfolio of clients coming from all over the world, with particular attention to Emerging Market and growing realities.

Relying on the expertise of various internal divisions (Medical, Laboratory & Metrology, Green Energy, Industry, Agrofood, VET, ICT) each aspect is managed with competence and devotion, this because International projects are not just a sequence of standardized actions, they require specific strategies, by understanding the differences in culture, language and time zones, and identifying how to transform these differences from challenges into opportunities.

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