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Company's Quality

Quality for Q&T is not an abstract concept, but a key value and a point of reference in each strategic and operational phase. It is for this reason, along with being compliant with international standards, that Q&T has chosen to obtain certifications in order to attest, through a third party, the conformity of its products, processes and services.

In a market characterized by high level of competition, in particular the international projects one, certifications become a crucial factor, which expresses efficiency, credibility and can determine the assignation of a contract. 

Q&T has many active certifications that prove the overall quality of the enterprise:

  • in the areas of educational systems and equipment, industrial (mechanical and electromechanical), electronics, automotive (CSQ – IQNet – ISO 9001:2015), 
  • regarding environmental management (ISO 14001:2015),
  • regarding corporate social accountability (SA 8000:2014),
  • regarding energy management system (UNI CEI EN ISO 50001: 2011).

Integrated Management Systems
Quality – Environment – Energy & Social Responsibility
Organizations must operate in a constantly evolving context, which is why it is necessary to apply a management system that can allow continuous improvement of its performance. Therefore for Q&T, the management of quality, environmental and energy impacts are not abstract concepts but represent the strategic and operational step for the realization of projects of international value and of great social value.


Q&T is compliant and updated to the latest guidelines of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

Through the certification, obtained and guaranteed by periodic and punctual audits, the company intends to guarantee the conformity of its products, processes and services.

Environment & Energy

Q&T is attentive to the environmental policies implemented in safeguarding the environment.

Through the UNI EN ISO 14001 and 50001 certifications, our Company intends to affirm its commitment and credibility in terms of sustainable development.

Social Accountability

Q&T pays attention to the social aspects and well-being of its employees.

The implementation of policies that pay attention to the social sphere of their workers is a process that culminates in the achievement – and renewal – of the SA8000 certification.

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