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Q&T Contribution

Small and mid-size companies normally make up the largest part of a countries production fabric. Their existence contributes to the health of the domestic and international economy. Due to their ability to generate development and employment, manufacturing and service companies are a factor of stability and social growth.

In this scenario, Q&T Industry division is present in many fields of this sector, it supports the expansion of local entrepreneurs with operations targeted at enhancing managerial skills, facilitating access to financing and information, and encouraging connections with international markets, especially Emerging Markets.

Through various types of intervention, Q&T provides the adequate equipment and tools for production activity, the construction of laboratories for staff training, sets up the necessary technological support and establishes the feasibility analysis according to the socio-economic conditions of the reference country. Furthermore, it provides a complete aftersales service.

The aim is to feed a Socio-Economic Development that will lead the country to a self sustainability.

Treated Business Plans

• Analysis of business needs in relation to the situation in the country
• Analysis of business needs with the specific firm
• Export
• The supply of necessary equipment and assistance during the installation
• Training and human resources management
• Engineering and Technical Support
• Creation of support services custom

Fields of Intervention

• Agriculture and Agrarian
• Industrial chemistry
• Electrical engineering and robotics
• Electronic and electromechanical
• HydraulicsTechnical environmental
• Ecology
• Techniques food
• Telecommunications


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