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Green Energy

Q&T Contribution

Nowadays the Green Energy concept is a very broad aspect which includes a multitude of fields of intervention. Among all, the production of renewable energy is the key point of this sector that, through energy savings and pollution control, provides, in the overall context of sustainable development, an investment with regard to sound and sustainable survival of our planet.

Q&T’s Green Energy Division offers innovative solutions in the field of ecology and sustainable energy by providing integrated systems and creating specific programs for energy savings using cutting-edge technologies for a more respectful and clean living. Everything with a close eye on Growing Markets.

These services can be applied to a wide range of buildings and facilities and we continually evaluate new technologies and system controls to maximize the energy reduction impact we can deliver to clients.


Covered Sectors

• Reduction of building energy management cost,
• Energy strategy formulation,
• Carbon reduction road maps,
• Turnkey energy efficiency,
• Renewable technology integration.


Green Energy for a better world

Renewable and Green Energy includes all those resources defined inexhaustible that our planet offers such as wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, etc. Necessary but not sufficient, these resources need human intake in order to be properly used and to be able to show their efficacy.

Therefore, there is the need for a development of this sector, a great resource that is offering and will offer great benefits in the present and above all in the near future. Green energy responds to environmental needs as the reduction of air pollution given by the improper disposal of toxic substances in the seas, lakes and oceans and the reduction of harmful substances emission due for the most part to fuels of organic origin such as gas, coal and oil.

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