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Laboratory & Metrology


Q&T Contribution

The world is changing, the economy is transformed, science advances and keeping up with the modern times means having highly qualified skills, equipments and professionalism. For this reason, the creation of research centers, universities, hospitals and laboratories, contributes to the development of knowledge, innovation and experimentation.

In this context, Q&T’s Laboratory & Metrology division is identified as a technologically qualified partner for the supply of special scientific equipment for Laboratories and Metrology measurements in different sectors.

In its broadest sense, Metrology is the science of measurement and is concerned with standardization in measurement, calibration and inspection. During calibration service, the measurement values of tools and instruments are compared with a calibration standard of known accuracy. Dimensional inspection compares dimensions of product features with design specifications.

These equip allow to verify the basic characteristics of the products and to evaluate the degree of accuracy. Periodic calibration is also a necessary activity to remember as a key step for the Certification of Quality, as well as being a crucial step in the metrological confirmation process, to which they must periodically undergo gauges and measuring instruments.

Beneficiary Institutions

• Research centers
• University
• Hospitals
• Schools and Institutes for Vocational Training

Fields of Intervention

• Agrofood
• Phytosanitary
• Veterinary medicine
• Laboratory diagnostics
• Water analysis
• Quality control
• Metrology
• Testing of materials
• Industrial
• Didactics


• Planning
• Design
• Supply
• Installation and testing
• Staff Training
• After-sales services


Opportunities of this sector

Even smaller tech industries require special features and meet special roles. Essential is, above all, a high level of technical and scientific knowledge that allows the company to pursue the research on numerous projects and new production methods.

Another key issue is the one concerning the creation of relationships with universities and research centers with whom to share information, knowledge and know-how regarding basic research, with the common goal of a Socio-Economic Development and the stated desire to establish flexible relationships with integrated companies (joint ventures, research projects, etc.).

In addition to the specific skills there are a whole range of benefits that are offered by this sector and more generally concerning the sociological and employment field. These opportunities relate in particular to the creation of jobs and highly skilled trades based on the extraordinary development of science and technology proposals.

Another important element to take into consideration is Biotechnology. This branch of science has, in fact, totally renovated the production methods and today offers enormous innovation opportunities for the creation of completely new products in the industrial production, agriculture, field of quality control and that of research. In this context, Q&T it is introduced like a technologically qualified partner that through International Turnkey Projects can provide special scientific equipment for Metrology Laboratories and all activities related to research and development.

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