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Q&T Contribution

Health is a fundamental right of any human being, and in order to provide an adequate level of health care in every country, are necessary specific actions based upon the sharing of resources, skills and knowledge.

Pursuing this goal, Q&T’s medical division is committed into the realisation of a global health network, designing hospitals, clinics and providing high technology Medical Equipment able to meet international standards.

In details, starting from a feasibility study, Q&T takes care of International Projects regarding:

  • The conception of health centers of excellence and cutting-edge surgeries hospitals,
  • The organization of departments,
  • The supply of specific training for health personnel but also technical and administrative staff,
  • The supply of Medical Equipment and medical supplies certificates.

It is a challenging sector where studies, researches and activities meet many disciplines and situations. Trying to cover all these aspects, Q&T can provide health education programs for the prevention and clinical intervention, in partnership with Italian health centers of excellence. This can encourage self-development of nations and provide a wider point of view on how people and populations, health and diseases are faced in schools, workplaces and cultural associations.

Q&T goal for this sector is to foster a Socio-Economic Development in line with the socio-cultural needs of individual communities.

Q&T also proposes “Hub&Spoke” projects, capable of determining integration and autonomy among several healthcare levels.

Covered facilities and installations

• Hospitals of Excellence
• General Hospitals
• Health Centres
• Laboratories
• Biotechnologies

Fields of Intervention

• Emergencies
• Internal Medicine
• General and Specialised Surgery
• Obstetrics and Neonatology
• Paediatrics
• Laboratory Diagnostics
• Image Diagnostics


• Planning
• Design
• Training
• Installation of Medical Equipment
• Start-up
• Certification


Global Health

One of the biggest problems concerning Emerging Markets and Countries, as well as famine and wars, is what concerns health care. Factors contributing to the spread of diseases are as numerous as are those that prevent the development of an efficient health care system. The lack of financial resources, Medical Equipment, limited knowledge about health, lack of clean water and poor sanitation of houses are the main causes that lead to the worsening of the health conditions, making survival a serious challenge for thousands of people around the world.

In order to improve the living conditions of these populations, they are needed primary health care reforms to enable the country to buy adequate medicines and Medical Equipment, and secondly social and economic reforms so that services can be accessed and used by those who longer need. Health services are out of reach of over a billion people worldwide that are living with limited economic resources and insufficient to afford adequate health care and have access to all those services deemed essential and discounted by the richest countries.

Many investments are necessary for the construction of hospitals, reception centers, aqueducts and providing possibilities for people to access adequate food resources accompanied by nutrition education programs and to access to drinking water. Respect for life and the right to health are just two examples of the duties that Q&T respect and support for all humanity as well as being an active part for the development of the poorest states.

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