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Vocational Education & Training


Q&T Contribution

Teaching is the pin around which grow the opportunities for a rapid entry into the working world, this because the value of culture is directly reflected both in terms of social development and in terms of economic return

In this environment, Q&T has managed many Turnkey Projects regarding Vocational Training and Technical Education for Primary or Secondary schools and developed the concept of Pedagogical Engineering. This method intends to define the scope, methodologies, content and timing of the training as well as identify, provide and install the most suitable teaching materials (creation of educational workshops). 

Normally, school systems of different countries reflect the tradition, the orientation and the methods that are most suitable to the historical and industrial characteristics of each country. For this reason, in every country where we operate, we have a job-oriented Vocational Training and technical education that follows parallel paths to those established by countries habits.

Covered levels of School Education

• Pre-primary education – Methods and use of tools
• Secondary school or higher – Organization, Role, Objectives, Methods

Workshops for School Education

• Computer
• Theoretical Compendiums
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Science of the Sea
• Human Science
• Zoology
• Botany
• Biology
• Pharmacy
• Veterinary Sciences

Workshops for Technical Education

• Environmental Engineering
• Civil engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical
• Automatic and Robotic
• Digital Electronics
• Telecommunications
• Building
• Health and safety
• Aeronautics
• Hydraulics and pneumatics
• Administration
• Accounting
• Audio video
• Classrooms language
• Classrooms multimedia
• Music
• Sport
• Industrial design
• Topography
• Photography

Workshop for Professional Education

• Agriculture
• Craft Service
• Computer
• Carpentry
• Building
• Chemistry
• Fishing
• Technologies Audio/Video
• Traditional handcraft
• Metallurgy
• Mechanics and steel industry
• Optics
• Public works and hydraulic
• Leather working
• Electrical and electronic
• Textiles and apparel
• Tourism and catering
• Glass industry

qt-education sector

Focus on Primary School Education

The primary school is today the first step of a long educative path that can continue up to thirty years of age. Therefore, it must become the base on which to build a complex forming, that will take students to get Vocational Training and qualifications that will demand to be kept updated for the whole life. School must offer to all children, from the age of 6, equal chances and a successful integration in the society, including the prolongation of school attendance.

Once the pupil has acquired the intellectual means to apply a real reflection and the command of the initial basics of the society, s/he will be in a position to adopt a socially-aware attitude and develop his/her skills in all subjects.

The painstaking task of training remains largely dependent upon the teaching material required as well as the explanation and presentation of the notions being taught and the acquisition, the detailed analysis and the diversification of knowledge.

Laboratories required for teaching exact sciences (Metric System, Physics, Chemistry, Natural sciences) must consequently be fitted with the suitable and varied equipment, which are indispensable in order to:

  • Cater suitably to the educational requirements that are deemed indispensable for effective teaching
  • Present the physical and chemical phenomena according to modern teaching procedures based on experiments and observation,
  • Making increasing room for the new information and communication technologies in the form of multimedia.

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