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Q&T Contribution

ICT is the sector that more than any other is changing our daily life and above all requires constant updating.  Computers, telephones and communication devices are, today, everywhere and according to their calculation power and storing capacity, they can handle data of heavy files and operate very complex calculations in almost every field.

Following these changes, Q&T has always invested many resources in this sector and has achieved an high level of specialization. High technology and innovation are the heart of this company, which is constantly evolving to meet needs in all areas of business with specific software.

In details, Q&T has participated in a large number of International Tenders for ICT projects, providing a wide range of instruments, tools, softwares and platforms.

Here few examples:

  • Providing a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and projector boards for Algiers schools,
  • Creating and providing a Case Management System for the Department of Justice and various related offices in the Philippines,
  • Servers, racks and software for database management and administrative systems, communication and security devices for offices in Ethiopia,
  • Computer equipment and audio-visual equipment for the Headquarters of the Institute for the Protection of Civil Servants, Employment and Professional Training of Cape Verde.

These are just some of the many International Projects that we have completed and which have allowed schools and offices to facilitate and improve their productivity through the use of state-of-the-art materials, guaranteed quality and high performance.

Beneficiary Institutions

• School, Institutes and Vocational Training
• Research Centres
• University
• Ministries and State Agencies

Fields of Intervention

• Audio and Video
• Security and video surveillance
• Border access control
• Didactics
• Graphic processing
• Informatics
• Printing and duplicating


• Planning
• Design
• Supply
• Installation and testing
• Staff Training
• After-sales services


ICT History

The first taste of this type of technology started at the end of Second World War when we had the first computers, sort of electronic calculating machines that could be programmable and showed very high performances.

After long time of researches and development, the transmission of information between computers connected to the network, started in the sixties, is an aspect of a more general phenomenon: the progressive convergence and integration of information technology and telecommunications. These two sectors had developed for a long time independently but during the seventies, the technologies of IT have begun to integrate with telecommunications and thanks to the later diffusion of personal computers, a new era began. 

The real ICT born in the first years of the new millennium from the union of Information Technology (IT) to the Communication Technology (CT), merging different components, such as Computer Technology, telecommunications, electronics, media and gave life to the modern use of internet and smartphones.

The rapid worldwide diffusion of ICT Technologies has created a real Digital Revolution still taking place in modern societies, characterized by users strongly connected to each other. In this context of innovation, Q&T has been working for more than 30 years, developing and providing the best solutions for its clients and aiming a global Socio-Economic Development.

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