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Q&T, acronym of Quality and Technology, is an international company that develops Turnkey Projects through Tenders and Contracts with the aim of improving people’s quality of life. This means working with constancy, energy and professionalism towards a better future.

Q&T designs and concludes 360° interventions: from conception to production and final realization, with particular attention to quality control and customer satisfaction. These activities range from the supply and installation of capital equipment to the training of people.

The company’s Turnkey Projects are funded by international organisations like: the World Bank, the European Commission, the United Nations and non-governmental organizations, furthermore, we can boast a worldwide portfolio of clients coming from all over the world, with particular attention to Emerging Markets. These can be identified to organizations and institutions of world caliber such as: Governments and Ministries, Military Institutions and Research Centers, Companies and Multinational Corporations, Universities, Technical and Vocational Schools, Industries and Hospitals, as well as Supranational Institutions.

Market Sectors


Q&T conceives Medical Centers of excellence (specialized hospitals and clinics), reorganizing the processes of the departments, dealing with the diagnosis and providing Medical Equipment as well as personnel training.



The creation of research centers, universities, hospitals and laboratories, contributes to the development of knowledge, innovation and experimentation. In this context, Q&T is identified as a technologically qualified partner for the supply of special scientific equipment for laboratories and Metrology measurements.


Q&T offers innovative solutions in the field of ecology and sustainable energy by creating specific programs for energy savings using cutting-edge technologies for a more respectful and clean living. The impact that today’s world has on the environment is what makes Q&T so committed in the Green Energy sector, striving to design ideas for a Socio-Economic Development.


Q&T supports the expansion of entrepreneurship (in particular SME) with operations aimed at improving the managerial skills, facilitate access to finance and information, promote the connection with international markets and industries.


Q&T operates globally in planning and realizing catering, fast food, and free flow in shopping malls, gas stations, airports, stations, exhibitions, sports centers and lecture halls. Q&T’s commitment also includes professional training for all profiles needed to develop this sector.


Many of Q&T’s Turnkey Projects regard Vocational, Education & Training and Technical Education for Primary or Secondary schools. Our method intends to define the scope, methodologies, content and timing of the training as well as identify, provide and install the most suitable teaching materials (creation of educational workshops).


Q&T works through a multidisciplinary approach, both at structural and application level, for everything related to Information and Communication Technology. Combining technological innovation with up-to-date organizational models is the way through which an innovative idea can create truly revolutionary values for industrial processes and services.

Featured Projects

During its history, Q&T has been playing a central role in the conception and realization of International Turnkey Projects. World-class skills in different areas of technology and a mix of experience and knowledge has allowed us to identify the most advanced tools and solutions.

Career & Jobs

Working at Q&T means being able to commit resolutely, as an individual and as a whole, to one thing and develop it with passion. In an enterprise that focuses on the growth of people’s profiles, each element is an essential point of reference that contributes to the achievement of our mission.

Some References



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– Government of Republic of Tajikistan



– Islamic Republic of Afganistan 


Costa Rica

– Ministero de Education Publica

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