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Q&T Contribution

Q&T Agrofood Division has been active in the field of planning and realizing catering, fast food services and training from over twenty years and thanks to the expertise of many professionals it is able to offer the most modern food technology equipment.

We provide highly specialized equipment for international and local cuisine and the supply also includes special gears such as cookers and kitchens-theatres for demonstrations and showrooms.

In addition, we organize and manage workshops, not only with theoretical lessons but also made up of different types of equipment available to the restaurant workers, in order to practice with any kind of restaurant activities (buffet, banquet, breakfast, aperitif, etc.).

We also provide room training staff and customer service reception formation. People working in this role must be able to accommodate their customers and provide them with all the information they need and assist them during their stay.

Through a long International Projects experience and thank to cooperation with leading international companies, we have developed our Agrofood Division in order to deploy the best food technology according to food market needs, mostly expressed by a research for facilities that can provide outsourcing services for the study, design, implementation and operational support of business management activities.

Beneficiary Institutions

• Schools and Institutes of professional training
• Restaurants
• Fast food
• Hotels
• Tourism facilities

Fields of Intervention

• Restaurant
• Hotels
• Didactics
• Food processing and conservation


• Planning
• Design
• Supply
• Installation and testing
• Staff Training
• After-sales services


Food Technology in Hotels and Restaurants

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the world economy and according to the main industry economics studies, it will be the same for the next ten years. The contribution of tourism for the economy of the countries is also very important in terms of its effects on support and job growth.

With the consequent rise in restaurants and hotels around the world, the demand for specialized staff grows, and even more the need for food technology and state-of-the-art equipment that enables students to have adequate training for meet the requirements of the world of work.

In traditional restaurants, the rooms must accommodate large streams of people and have to offer a comfortable, hospitable environment and above all suitable for an adequate service. Therefore, Q&T deals with furnishings (tables and chairs, desks and chairs, sofas and lounges) while simultaneously analysing the flows of customers and service staff by designing kitchens and locations where guests are welcomed, offering them a pleasant relaxing experience and facilitating at the same time the work of the staff.

The success of the food sector depends largely on the ability to receive the training needed to carry out a professional job. The training provided by Q&T examines each aspect of the accommodation structure and considers various basic knowledge:

  • From local culture to its hospitality,
  • From local and international drinks to the knowledge of food,
  • From administrative and business management to customer care.

All this gives people the opportunity to obtain qualified and satisfying employment worldwide. There is, in fact, a real need for specific training capable of creating professional workers for any kind of accommodation, especially in Emerging Markets, where Q&T usually focus its attention.

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