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Project Information

Q&T participates in a new project in Algeria, for the acquisition and installation of necessary equipment for the realization of 3 operational technology platforms for the benefit of the higher education and scientific research sector.

FinancierEuropean Union
CustomerMinistry of Higher Education of Algerian Scientific Research
Geographic AreaAlgeria 🇩🇿


This project is the second phase of the program born for the cooperation between the European Union and Algeria to support the reform of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Through the intervention of ENPI (the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument), the main financial instrument for cooperation that aids partner countries in the neighborhood policy (ENP), the PAPS-ESRS project saw the completion of the first phase of a program to support the school system and support work and introduced a second phase.

The project aims to modernize the university system and the inclusion of young people in the professional world, to face the increasing flow of new students and improve the job opportunities of graduates.

For this reason, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) has structured two objectives:
– Expand access to higher education to be able to double capacity as soon as possible;
– Diversify the university offer, encouraging universities to consolidate the LMD programs and increase the relevance of targeted training to the needs of companies.

Overall, the project aims to improve the internal quality of higher education; implement an integrated information system for resource management; support the capacity building of teachers, managers and human resources; aligning university training with the needs of businesses; consolidate the transaction towards the LMD system and diversify the training offer on new promising sectors.

In the second phase of the program Q&T provided and installed the necessary equipment for the realization of 3 technological platforms operating in the sectors of:
– Life Sciences (SL)
– Science and Technology (ST)
– Humanities and Social Sciences (SHS)

These technological platforms are a shared system of training, learning, exploitation and transfer of scientific research and technological development on the model of an innovative platform within 3 “pilot” universities.

Specifically, the company has provided Linux and Microsoft servers, backup networks, inverters and generators, 2U chassis, data security software, intranet information and internet networks; signal generators and communication protocols; digital oscilloscopes and digital spectrometers; vector signal analysers; electromagnetic RF anechoic chamber; remote location systems; system controller; RTU – remote test unit; workstation.

The aim is to ensure support in the implementation of the ESRS PAPS communication strategy, control of the communication process, manage the image and visibility of the three universities.

In this type of project, with commitment, constancy, energy, professionalism and inspiration, Q&T works tirelessly to improve life in the world, to create “projects that improve the future of the people who use it”.

Q&T: “We design a better future

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