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Q&T participates in a new project of value in Algeria, for the acquisition and installation of equipment necessary for the creation of data centers for the higher education and scientific research sectors.

FinancierEuropean Union
CustomerMinistry of Higher Education of Algerian Scientific Research
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To confirm cooperation between the European Union and Algeria and to support the reform issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the EU and the Algerian government have launched a program to support the sector reform of higher education and scientific research. The allocation is € 38.6 million, of which € 21.5 million provided by the EU and € 17.1 million by the Algerian government.

This project, PAPS-ESRS, has as objective the modernization of the university system and the insertion of young people in the professional world, acting mainly on 6 channels:
C1: Improve the internal quality of higher education: development of the “Assurance” repository; capacity building of those responsible.
C2: Implementation of an integrated information system (IIS) for resource management: conception, implementation, installation, user training, maintenance plan, creation of calculation centers.
C3: Support for capacity building of teachers, managers and human resources: strengthening the skills of teachers in education engineering and ICT field; strengthen management capacity in the field of: forecasting of human resources and skills, training engineering, university management.
C4: Align training with employment and bring businesses closer to universities: openness to the socio-economic environment; professionalization of the provision of training; capacity building of managers and their teams.
C5: Consolidate the transition to the LMD system and diversify the educational offer on new promising sectors: continuous university training; professional insertion; orientation and support for students for entrepreneurship and business creation and for the enhancement, innovation and transfer of technologies.
C6: Develop doctoral schools and support the participation of researchers in European research and development programs.

The main stakeholders and target groups of the project are representatives of the university community (teachers, students, researchers, etc.), institutional and socio-economic partners, the main operators involved in the identification, implementation, management and evaluation of the PAPRS activities of the ESRS.

The project sees the intervention of ENPI, the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument, which is a financial instrument that provides assistance to partner countries of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). The program, managed by DG EuropeAid, translates the decisions taken at local level into actions on the ground.

The project is considered a priority, allowing Algeria to respond efficiently to economic and cultural issues and react to the significant growth in the number of students. We therefore need to tackle two fronts, on the one hand the ever-increasing flow of new students, while on the other, increase and improve the job opportunities of graduates.
For this reason, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) has structured two objectives:
– Expand access to higher education to be able to double capacity as soon as possible;
– Diversify the university offer, encouraging universities to consolidate the LMD programs and increase the relevance of targeted training to the needs of companies.

Q&T participated in the project by supplying and installing technological systems for the creation of data centers for schools and research centers. These structures must be technologically advanced and above all support high numbers of use, with a centralized control system, given that the project extends nationwide and sees the participation of about 1,500 people, monitored by a structure that covers all levels institutional, hierarchical and geographical aspects of the Ministry of Education.

One of the main suppliers of the company was Dell, which provided applied servers, Firewalls, network patches, administration consoles, laptops and video projectors.

The first phase of the program will be assisted by a support unit (PSU) that will support the ministry in the planning and execution of activities, in the evaluation of services and technical products and in daily management.

The EU intends to include regional cooperation with partner countries and among partner countries as one of the most important policy objectives. Regional cooperation complements national aid programs, addressing regional challenges and promoting cooperation between partners on issues of mutual interest.

Q&T actively participates in this type of projects, with commitment, constancy, energy, professionalism and inspiration, working tirelessly to improve life in the world, to create “projects that improve the future of the people who use it“.

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