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Project Information

Q&T, a leading company in international turnkey projects, participated in the private sector support program (PSDP) in Burkina Faso. The project was financed by the European Union for over 7 billion CFA francs and lasted approximately four years.

FinancierEuropean Union
CustomerMinistry of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
Geographic AreaBurkina Faso 🇧🇫


The program was the subject of a workshop in Ouagadougou, aimed at poverty reduction through private sector development through capacity building and technology.

“Objective achieved!” says Sibiri Sanou, Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Crafts who comments: “we can say that the implementation of PADSP has contributed to economic growth and poverty reduction in Burkina Faso. During its four years of existence, the project has allowed us to strengthen the technical skills of about 10 facilities, providing training, laboratory equipment, software and hardware“.

The structures that have benefited from the project are ABNORM (Agence Burkinabé de Normalization, de la Métrologie et de la Qualité), ABMAQ (Association Burkinabè pour le Management de la Qualité), LNSP (Laboratoire National de Santé Publique), the National Federation of Artisans, APEX (Agence pour la Promotion des l’Exportations), DTA (Département de Technologie Alimentaire), and others. Another facility that benefited from the plants is the Department of Food Technology of the Institute for Research in Applied Science and Technology, which has been equipped with high-tech equipment that allows it to control the quality of agricultural and food products.

Q&T supplied and installed laboratory equipment for:

– ABNORM: it is the only structure at national level for the elaboration of standards in the sectors of food, electrotechnical, civil and environmental engineering. In addition, it deals with the quality inspection of products, goods and services related to import and export.

– LNSP: central reference laboratory for biomedical analysis, toxicological, physic-chemical and microbiological analysis, health quality controls, nutrition, pharmacy and water control (specifically: ultra-pure nitrogen generator; HPLC with DAD detection and fluorimeter detector; Inverter for chromatograph protection; HPLC columns; Clean air generator; Capillary columns for GC).

– DTA: a laboratory for the enhancement of local products for the improvement of food behavior, monitoring of consumption habits (specifically: 70kVA generator set; HPLC equipped with DAD detector; Inverter; clean air generator; pure hydrogen generator at 99.99%).

In 4 years this project has brought enormous benefits to the state of Burkina Faso, allowing it to gain a better entry into the global economy. Thanks to the facilities provided, the nation is able to comply with the controls and provide the necessary certifications also for foreign exports.

This type of project aims at improving social conditions in the countries with the highest growth rate, trying to develop the economy, health conditions and education.

It is this type of project, with commitment, constancy, energy, professionalism and inspiration that Q&T works tirelessly to improve life in the world, to create “projects that improve the future of the people who use it“.

Q&T: “We design a better future”

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