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“Today there are too many young people in Niger who don’t go to school or have completed their studies without a diploma, while companies are looking for professional skills” cit.

FinancierWorld Bank, the European Union, LuxDev Luxemburg Cooperation Agency and the NGO Swisscontact
CustomerMinistry of Professional and Technical Training
Geographic AreaNiger 🇳🇪


It is from here that the city of Niamey (capital of Niger) has decided to take the initiative to improve professional training, expecting to quadruple the number of young qualified professionals, from 8,000 to 30,000, and it is thanks to the important reforms started in 2015 by the Ministry of Professional and Technical Training and especially the Support Fund for Professional and Technical Training (FAFPA), that this project has taken shape. Thanks to the important commitment and support of donors such as the World Bank, the European Union, LuxDev Luxemburg Cooperation Agency and the NGO Swisscontact, the country has increased its capacity tenfold for welcoming students.

It all starts from the Luxembourg Development Cooperation Agency (Lux-Development) on behalf of the “NIG / 017 Appui au Programme National de Formation Professionnelle et Technique et d’Insertion des Jeunes Sortants” program, which receives financial support from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Republic of Niger and has announced a call for proposals for the acquisition of equipment for Professional Training Centers (CFM) and Professional and Technical Training Center (CFPT).

Until 2011 there were only two professional and technical colleges in the country and seven training centers.

At the end of 2017, thanks to this project, there are thirteen vocational schools, a professional and technical training center in each region and 78 technical institutes. In addition, there are 266 commercial training centers, 15 integrated agricultural training sites and work is going on the transformation of 320 workshops of master craftsmen into learning centers.

Q&T has been awarded and has implemented 5 lots in various specialties for the supply of goods aimed at professional training laboratories, such as:

– Computer maintenance workshop equipment
– Cold air conditioning workshop equipment
– Masonry workshop equipment
– Agricultural workshop equipment
– Kitchen workshop equipment

It is this type of project, with commitment, constancy, energy, professionalism and inspiration that Q&T works tirelessly to improve life in the world, to create “projects that improve the future of the people who use it“.

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