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Project Information

Q&T collaborates with the Ministry of Finance to support the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project, funded by the 10th European Development Fund, was created for the maintenance and rehabilitation of road infrastructure in Kinshasa.

FinancierEuropean Development Fund
CustomerMinistry of Finance of the Republic of Congo
Geographic AreaCongo - Kinshasa 🇨🇩


Located to the left of the Congo River, Kinshasa is the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa. Over the last 50 years, the city has seen its population number nearly doubled, about 400,000 in 1960, and is considered one of the major cultural and intellectual centers of Central Africa, where a thriving community of artists and musicians operates, and houses three large university and an art school.

It is currently the main industrial center of the country, where raw materials are processed (cobalt, copper, niobium, tantalum, oil, diamonds, gold, silver, uranium and coal) and many natural products (coffee, sugar, rubber, tea, etc.). It has food factories, mechanical textiles, chemicals and woodworking.

The urban situation, which is in an intense and complex state, is not so florid. The center of the political-administrative activities is located in the north-western section of the agglomeration, from here a network of residential districts branches out and all around the suburbs is very similar to the indigenous settlements where small retail businesses proliferate, rich residential blocks and shantytowns.

The problem therefore is represented by the poor road connection in sectors outside the city center, and that is why the Ministry of Finance has issued a call for the supply of laboratory equipment for public works, machinery supplied by Q&T. Specifically, the company has provided:

• Laboratory equipment for aggregate tests;
• Laboratory equipment for testing on cements and mortars;
• Laboratory equipment for soil testing;
• Laboratory equipment for testing concrete.

In addition, technicians and specialists were trained to train the personnel on site, to control and manage the work, offering constant support throughout the project period. The goal is to improve the road network to make accessible the entire peripheral area, maintenance, rehabilitation and hygiene of the entire infrastructure.

The project has brought enormous results, making accessible a series of areas outside the urban agglomeration, now integrated, previously without roads. The network of residential neighborhoods is slowly entering the urban system, seeing first to create a road system connecting to the center, and then branching along the entire internal perimeter.

Q&T still offers advice and tutoring to work to see as much as possible complete the project, not wanting to limit the mere supply of machinery but always looking to the final goal. Q&T works with commitment, constancy, professionalism and inspiration every project in which it is involved, working tirelessly to improve life in the world, to create “projects that improve the future of the people who use it”.

Q&T: “we design a better future”

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