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Project Information

Q&T has participated and completed a new project in Costa Rica to support secondary education and help reducing student dropouts.

FinancierEuropean Union
CustomerMinistry of Education
Geographic AreaCosta Rica 🇨🇷


In Costa Rica, hundreds of students leave classrooms every year due to various factors such as financial troubles, learning difficulties or lack of interest, and despite the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis (part of the MEP), showed that in 2006- 2014 there was a decrease in the percentage of students leaving school in the secondary school from 13.2% to 10.7%, this reduction is not sufficient yet and the dropout is still a serious problem in various schools.

To cope with this situation, the MEP – ProEDUCA project was conceived, through an agreement between the Ministry of Education and the European Union, with the aim of supporting principals, teachers, students and reducing the abandonment of studies in secondary schools. The project will benefit 56 thousand students from 80 educational centers, in the regions of Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Limón, Zona Sur and the Metropolitan Great Area, selected because valued with high vulnerability and coming from poverty areas that offer few opportunities of growth for young people.

Q&T has actively participated through the supply of mobile laboratories and technological sets, as well as the installation of the same in the indicated places. Specifically: 27 science carts with their respective components. Thanks to this equipment, students will have at their disposal a safe and stimulating study environment, with the aim of achieving a participatory educational management and making sure that the students become passionate about the educational processes, reinforcing their sense of belonging to the center.

This project is perfectly in line with the Ministry’s main objectives, including: achieving an higher equity and better conditions for learning thanks to new or better infrastructures, equipment and use of technology, and creating greater capacity to tackle problems.

It is for this type of projects that Q&T works with commitment, constancy, energy, professionalism and inspiration, aiming at “improving the future and the quality of life of the people who benefits from them”.

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